Tales from the Trigan Empire

Tales from the Trigan Empire

Slings & Arrows



• Battle for Trigan City. = A Tale of Treason

“A short distance from the gates of Trigan City, a party of convicted criminals were labouring in their chains to build a new road…”

• The Invasion of Bolus. = A Tale of Evil

“The twin suns of Elekton were dipping towards the horizon, as a craft of the Trigan air fleet streaked high over the ocean …”

• A Tale of Treachery

“It was the anniversary of the founding of the Trigan City.”

• A Tale of Invasion

“Driven far from its own galaxy by a space storm, a strange craft was caught up in the gravity field of the planek Elekton…”

• A Tale of Sons and Heirs

“Years later, a strange craft from a far-distant galaxy passed close to the planet Elekton…”

• A Tale of a Perilous Journey

“Roffa and the prince recovered consciousness, and the tothers pointed out their fantastic find…”

• A Tale of an Infernal Machine

“Amidst great pomp, Nikko and his comrades stepped ashore at Hericon City…”