The planet Elekton lies in the galaxy of Yarna, and the greatest power on Elekton is the Trigan Empire, ruled over by its founder, the Emperor Trigo.

Victory for the Trigans
Crash in the Jungle
Elekton In Danger
Invaders from Gallas
The Land of No Return
The Lokan Conspiracy
War with Hericon
Revolution in Zabriz
The Phials of Forgetfulness
The Revenge of Darak
The Three Aliens
The Reign of Thara
Voyage to the Moon Bolus
The Three Princes
Poison From Outer Space
The Lost City
The Volcano Factory
The Invisible Man
The Deadly Formula
The Trigan Republic
The Red Death
The Puppet Emperor
Trigo's Five Tasks
The Thing from the Sea
The Giant Plant
The City of Jewels
The Unscrupulous Servant
The Duplication Machine
The Masked Raiders
The Prisoner of Zerss
The Miniature Killers of Zelph
The Zota Club
The Wish-Fulfiller
The Fiendish Experiment
The Curse of King Yutta
The Lost Years
A World within a World
The Secret of Castle Doum
The House of the Five Moons
A National Emergency
The Palace of Peril
Evil from Outer Space
The Curse of the Sun Worshippers
Planet Zootha
The Great Flood
The Elixir of Youth
The Secret Assassin
The Food of the Gods
The Stone of Vorg
The Heat Controller
The Man from the Future
The Man with a Mission
The Mind Controller
The Faith Healer
The Ultimate Collection
The Green Fog
The Lost Valley
The Scourge from Space
Ten Lunar Years of Solitude
Janno's Five Tasks
The Street Sweeper
The Time Machine
The Frozen People
Imperial Walkabout
Mazaratto's Universal Elixir
The Digger
The Stolen Plans
The Curse of Zonn
Battle for Survival
Brinka, Intergalactic Investigator
The Killer
The Rival
The God of Zonda
Chase For A Traitor
Submarine Mission
The Flowers of Forgetfulness
Rebellion in Daveli
A Tragic Misunderstanding
More Trouble in Zabriz
Trigan’s Deadly Peril
The Skorpiads
The Zolt Exodus
Terror of the Skorpiads
Search Mission
Alien Mission
Mercy Mission
They Came from Out of the Night
The Brief Reign of Sennos the First
The Wise Man of Vorg