The Deadly Formula

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Episode 19 of The Trigan Empire

The Deadly Formula
aka The Ultimate Weapon (The Collection)
De formule van Perik (Dutch title)
Peric’s Formula (Dutch title, translated)

Written by Mike Butterworth
Illustrated by Don Lawrence

The Deadly Formula was originally published in 5 instalments in issues 398 (30 August 1969) to 402 (27 September 1969) of Look and Learn magazine.

It was reprinted in 1976 in 2 issues (14 February 1976 & 21 February 1976) of Vulcan comic.

It is reprinted in Volume 5 of The Trigan Empire—The Collection (the Don Lawrence Collection).

It is reprinted in Volume 2 of The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire (Rebellion).

Plot summary

Peric has come up with a formula for a terrible weapon that has the potential to destroy the entire planet. The formula is kept in a locked casket in a stronghold. Soon the Festival of Vorg will be celebrated, which commemorates the day of the founding of Trigan. On that day, Trigo and Brag go to the Isle of Silence in Lake Takka. There they meet Orro, the oldest inhabitant of Trigan. He tells them that he saw in the stars that everything will be destroyed. Orro also tells them that it can only be avoided by bringing Peric’s formula to him.

Trigo and Brag go get the formula. When they arrive back with the box, they see that Orro is dead and Lokans appear. The Lokans have forced Orro to trap them. That’s how they get hold of the formula. Trigo and Brag are tied up and will drown at high tide. They are rescued by Janno, who had followed them.

The Lokans are encamped in the Daveli jungle and Janno, Trigo and Brag fly directly there. They are shot down above the jungle. Brag and Janno are captured, but Trigo escapes. He steals the formula again, but is shot just before escaping again. Then Daveli warriors emerge from the jungle and attack the Lokans. However, the leader of the Lokans escapes in an atmosphere craft. Trigo flies after him and they collide in mid-air. Trigo survives this, but the formula is lost. Trigo decides that Peric shouldn’t rethink the formula.




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