The Three Princes

The Three Princes

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Episode 14 of The Trigan Empire

The Three Princes
aka De zonen van de keizer (Dutch title)
The Emperor’s Sons (Dutch title, translated)
A Tale of Sons and Heirs (Hawk reprint)
A Tale of a Perilous Journey (Hawk reprint)
A Tale of an Infernal Machine (Hawk reprint)

Written by Mike Butterworth
Illustrated by Don Lawrence

The Three Princes was originally published in 31 instalments in issues 332 (25 May 1968) to 362 (21 December 1968) of Look and Learn magazine.

It was reprinted in 1975 in 8 issues (25 October 1975—13 December 1975) of Vulcan comic.

It was reprinted in 1989 as A Tale of Sons & Heirs, A Tale of a Perilous Journey, A Tale of an Infernal Machine in Tales from the Trigan Empire (Hawk).

It is reprinted in Volume 4 of The Trigan Empire—The Collection (the Don Lawrence Collection).

It is reprinted in Volume 2 of The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire (Rebellion).

Plot summary

In the year Rass, Trigo has triplets. As an emperor cannot have triplets, Salvia gives two of them to a nomadic woman.

Years later, a spaceship whizzes by Elekton. A meteorite destroys the ship, but one man survives the disaster and lands on Elekton. He has the telepathic power to force everyone to tell everything. Calling himself Thringa, he aims to rule Elekton. Due to his knowledge, Trigo appoints him as his son Argo’s teacher. Thringa completely controls Prince Argo. On his command, he causes Trigo, now a skilled pilot, to crash in the Daveli jungle. Argo becomes the emperor of Trigan. During his coronation, the rulers of Daveli, Hericon, Tharv, and Cato are captured. Kassar is shot dead. A reign of terror ensues on Elekton. Janno discovers Argo is under Thringa’s control. Salvia meets Argo’s twin brothers, Nikko and Rilla, in the market. She tells Peric and Brag, who decide to replace Argo with Rilla. After this, they plan to arrest Thringa, but he escapes. During a speech, Rilla is killed, inciting a revolt against the regime. Nikko becomes emperor, and Argo is exiled to an island in the Great Ocean. Thringa, aware of the plan through his telepathic powers, boards the plane with Argo and Janno. He hijacks the plane and battles with Roffa’s following aircraft. Argo and Thringa die in the fight. Janno and Roffa survive using ejector seats. As Nikko is crowned emperor, a group brings in an injured Trigo, who survived his accident.

Trigo resumes his rule and sends Nikko, Janno, Keren, and Roffa to become kings in Hericon. En route, they’re trapped in a cave by an avalanche. Orgo, residing there, plans to feed them to a captured giant. Janno prevents this, but the giant escapes, injuring his leg. Janno befriends the giant after caring for him.

They continue to Hericon by kreed, crossing the Great Ocean by ship, which sinks. Stranded on an island ruled by Otho, a human hunter, they evade his attacks and his yallas, the deadly hunting-beasts of Elekton. When they’re nearly defeated, a sea monster captures Otho. They steal a boat, arriving in Hericon.

The current rulers fear punishment for their crimes. A scientist, Zogg, invents an aging machine, turning Nikko old and manipulating him. Nacha seizes power in Hericon. Trigo sends Peric to investigate. Forced to work for Nacha and Zogg, Peric agrees to find an antidote. He reverses the process, making Nacha a baby and restoring Nikko’s youth, who regains control over Hericon.

The Three Princes
The Three Princes
The Three Princes
The Three Princes
The Three Princes










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