The Curse of the Sun Worshippers

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Episode 43 of The Trigan Empire

The Curse of the Sun Worshippers
aka The Sun-Worshippers (The Collection)
De vloek van de zonaanbidders (Dutch title)
The Curse of the Sun Worshippers (Dutch title, translated)

Written by Mike Butterworth
Illustrated by Don Lawrence

The Curse of the Sun Worshippers was originally published in 9 instalments in issues 621 (8 December 1973) to 629 (2 February 1974) of Look and Learn magazine.

It is reprinted in Volume 11 of The Trigan Empire—The Collection (the Don Lawrence Collection).

It is reprinted in Volume 4 of The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire (Rebellion).

Plot summary

Captain Vanda of the Trigan Air Fleet flies his craft into the “Colossus of Trigan”, a massive statue of a Vorg warrior overlooking the harbour. The scientist Peric informs Trigo that it was due to sabotage, committed by a cult of sun-worshippers. Trigo orders the arrest of a group of the sun-worshippers, but their high priest escapes through a secret trapdoor. Before escaping, he puts a curse on Trigo, proclaiming that “everything he touches shall fall to ruin—and in the end he will be swallowed up!”

On Founding Day, the day commemorating the founding of Trigan City, Trigo ceremonially plants a tree, which immediately dies, shedding all its leaves. Then, Trigo launches the “Vorg Warrior”, the largest warship ever built. It sinks almost immediately. The people believe the curse is coming true. Some days later, Trigo officially opens a water treatment plant in the town of Zarcus. Soon after, all the town’s inhabitants fall unconscious after drinking the water. Next, after formally opening the new Imperial Conference Hall, the tallest building on Elekton, the building collapses.

That evening, a banquet in the palace dining hall turns into a violent melee. Trigo is knocked down, and an assailant attempts to stab him, but Captain Rulli intervenes and saves him from further harm. Peric advises Trigo to make peace with the sun-worshippers. Trigo decides to journey to the sun-worshippers’ temple on an island in a swamp at the planet’s remote northern pole, accompanied by Rulli. The people rejoice at Trigo’s intention to make peace and lift the curse.

During their flight, they are attacked by a craft from Cato, which they shoot down. However, their fuel tank is leaking, and they land on the sea. While repairing, they are attacked by sea monsters but manage to escape. When they attempt to refuel at a lonely Trigan outpost, they are again attacked by soldiers from Cato. Thanks to Rulli, they escape once more and reach the temple.

Rulli draws his weapon, revealing himself as the high priest. He intends to sacrifice Trigo, but Trigo overpowers him. During the fight, Rulli falls off the rocky island outcrop, where the temple stands, into the icy swamp and dies.

Trigo returns and addresses the people, granting an amnesty to the sun-worshippers and asking them to unite for the empire’s cause. Any sun-worshipper who agrees is asked to place a pebble in the Great Square. The next day, a massive pile of stones lies on the square.

The Curse of the Sun Worshippers







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