Planet Zootha

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Episode 44 of The Trigan Empire

Planet Zootha
aka The Zootha Vorgs
De Vorgplaneet (Dutch title)
The Vorg Planet (Dutch title, translated)

Written by Mike Butterworth
Illustrated by Miguel Quesada

Planet Zootha was originally published in 5 instalments in issues 630 (9 February 1974) to 634 (9 March 1974) of Look and Learn magazine.

It is reprinted in Volume 4 of The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire (Rebellion).

Plot summary

On Elekton, an earthquake occurs. The quake is caused by a new planet that has come close to Elekton. Trigo, Peric, and Janno depart to the planet in an atmosphere craft fitted with booster rockets. On the new planet, they arrive at a tent camp, similar to how they themselves once lived as Vorg nomads. They are received by Garron, who welcomes them to the planet Zootha, and introduces himself as chieftain of the Zootha Vorgs. They themselves had flown to Zootha in a rocket in ancient times, just like Trigo and his men are now, and they stayed there. Peric remembers the legend of the ancient Vorgs who went into space, in search of a new world.

They hold a feast in honour of their arrival, but after the feast, Janno is taken captive. Because he is a first-born, he is to be sacrificed to their Great Ones, whom they see as their gods. Janno is tied to a pole in front of a cave. From the cave come squat and repulsive creatures who take Janno away. Trigo wants to save him, but arrives too late: he follows Janno into the cave. At the end of the cave, he discovers a world within a world, where the repulsive creatures treat the Vorgs of Zootha as slaves. The Great Ones, actually stout and pampered creatures, are the rulers of the savage and warlike creatures, called the Kerds.

Trigo is discovered and engages in combat with the Kerds. The slaves revolt, but due to the enormous number of Kerds, they are overwhelmed. Just as Trigo is about to be punished for his actions, another earthquake allows them all to escape. They go back through the cave to the outer world of the Vorgs, where Garron is reunited with his son, who was among the slaves. They no longer need to fear the Great Ones and can ignore them. Trigo, Peric, and Janno must quickly return to Elekton, as the planet Zootha is moving away again. Trigo asks if Garron wants to come back with them, but he refuses.


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