The Non Lawrence Collection

This is a proposal to complement the 12 volume set—The Trigan Empire – The Collection published by the Don Lawrence Collection—with 4 (maybe more) further volumes.

The Volcano Factory

Volume 1 ~ The Volcano Factory

*  The Wise Man of Vorg (1966)
*  The Brief Reign of Sennos the First (1967)
XVII  The Volcano Factory (1969)
XXXII  The Zota Club (1972)
XLIV  Planet Zootha (1974)
XLV  The Great Flood (1974)

74 story pages

The Heat Controller

Volume 2 ~ The Heat Controller

XLVI  The Elixir of Youth (1974)
XLVII  The Secret Assassin (1974)
XLVIII  The Food of the Gods (1974)
XLIX  The Stone of Vorg (1974)
L  The Heat Controller (1975)

82 story pages

The Food of the Gods

The Frozen People

Volume 3 ~ The Frozen People

LIX  Ten Lunar Years of Solitude (1976)
LX  Janno’s Five Tasks (1976)
LXI  The Street Sweeper (1976)
LXII  The Time Machine (1976)
LXIII  The Frozen People (1977)

78 story pages

Battle for Survival

Volume 4 ~ Battle for Survival

LXIV  Imperial Walkabout (1977)
LXV  Mazaratto’s Universal Elixir (1977)
LXVI  The Digger (1977)
LXVII  The Stolen Plans (1977)
LXVIII  The Curse of Zonn (1977)
LXIX  Battle for Survival (1977)

84 story pages

The Digger

Submarine Mission

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