The Non Lawrence Collection

This is a proposal to add 4 further volumes to the 12 volume set The Trigan Empire – The Collection published by the Don Lawrence Collection.

1966/7/9, 1972/4

VII  The Wise Man of Vorg [8]
XII  The Brief Reign of Sennos the First [8]
XVII  The Terror of Mount Spyx [16]
XXXII  The Zota Club [12]
XLIV  Planet Zootha [10]
XLV  The Great Flood [20]

74 pages


XLVI  The Elixir of Youth [16]
XLVII  The Secret Assassin [16]
XLVIII  The Food of the Gods [14]
XLIX  The Stone of Vorg [20]
L  The Heat Controller [16]

82 pages


LIX  Ten Lunar Years of Solitude [16]
LX  Janno’s Five Tasks [16]
LXI  The Street Sweeper [16]
LXII  The Time Machine [10]
LXIII  The Frozen People [20]

78 pages


LXIV  Imperial Walkabout [16]
LXV  Mazaratto’s Universal Elixir [16]
LXVI  The Digger [16]
LXVII  The Stolen Plans [8]
LXVIII  The Curse of Zonn [12]
LXIX  Battle for Survival [16]

84 pages


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