The Zota Club

The Zota Club

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Episode 32 of The Trigan Empire

The Zota Club
aka The Hypnotist
Het hypnotisch medaillon (Dutch title)
The Hypnotic Locket (Dutch title, translated)

Written by Mike Butterworth
Illustrated by Miguel Quesada

The Zota Club was originally published in 6 installments in issues 535 (15 April 1972) to 540 (20 May 1972) of Look and Learn magazine.



535   536   537   538   539   540


Plot Summary

[535] A couple of tragic and inexplicable disasters have taken place in Trigan City—and the third seems just about to happen. A palace guardsman has gone berserk and has opened fire on the ambassadors from Cato!

[536] Three inexplicable happenings have taken place in Trigan City, two of them ending in disaster. And now a naval air pilot is bombing his own ship, the air carrier “Vorg”!

[537] Four inexplicable disasters have taken place in Trigan City. The scientist, Peric, believes that the explanation of the disasters may in some way be connected with the new Trigan Zota Club, of which Janno is a member.


[538] After four inexplicable disasters have taken place in Trigan City, Janno meets an old boyhood friend, Doran, who may be responsible for the disasters. While they are dining together, Doran behaves very strangely.


[539] Doran, the man responsible for the four disasters in Trigan City, has used hypnosis to try and make Janno collide with the aircraft carrying Emperor Trigo. But his plan fails and now he is about to destroy the Emperor himself!


[540] Janno intervenes! For saving the life of his Emperor, Trigo awards Janno the highest order the Trigan Empire can bestow.









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