Fan Fiction The Trigan Empire

The Poisoned Rallis

I wrote a new Trigan Empire story! Its working title is The Poisoned Rallis. It’s a cautionary tale of drug prohibition and regulatory capture.

I plan to publish it in 10 monthly instalments, commencing next month and concluding by the end of the current year.

Below is a draft of instalment #6 (pages 11 & 12).

Credit where credit is due—the art is mainly by Don Lawrence, recycled and reprised mainly from previous episodes of the Trigan Empire. Occasionally, I’ve repurposed panels from Don Lawrence’s other oeuvre, Storm. Plus, I’ve made sure to include occasional panels from previous episodes of the Trigan Empire painted by its other artists—including Ron Embleton, Miguel Quesada, Philip Corke (panel #4 above left), Oliver Frey (panel #4 above right), and Gerry Wood.

Tribute where tribute is due—The Poisoned Rallis is a tribute to Mike Butterworth, co-creator (with Don Lawrence) of the Trigan Empire, who wrote 72 of the 89 episodes published to date. He might one day have penned one or more further episodes, but sadly he died while still in his prime. Today would have been his 100th birthday.

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