Fan Fiction The Trigan Empire

The Poisoned Rallis #1

So here it is! A draft of instalment #1 (pages 1 & 2) of The Poisoned Rallis, a new tale of the Trigan Empire.

It’s been more than 40 years since the last episode of the Trigan Empire was first published, so this first instalment is a bit of a recap, setting the scene for strange and sinister goings-on. What to expect? A sequel of sorts to Episode 33, The Wish-Fulfiller . . .

Again, credit where credit is due—the art is mainly by Don Lawrence, recycled and reprised mainly from previous episodes of the Trigan Empire. Plus, in this instalment, a couple of panels are painted by two of the other Trigan Empire artists, Oliver Frey (panel #1 above left) and Gerry Wood (panel #7 above left).

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