The Land of No Return (continued . . .)

So Janno joined the army of wretched creatures who were driving a tunnel through the massive wall of rock. And to think that the people of Elekton have been condemning themselves to this for a thousand years ! And then—he heard his own name whispered . . . Janno . . . By the stars ! —Peric ! He recognised the wise old Peric who had taken the journey of no return a year previously. Keep working ! . . . I never thought to see you in this accursed place, Janno. A lad of your age . . . I came here by accident, Peric. But I don't understand . . . can this really be the beautiful land of Hellas ? Moving slowly, and pretending to work all the way, Peric led Janno to where a tunnel had been pierced in the rock wall. The beautiful land of Hellas exists, but not for us . . . look down there ! Janno gazed with wondering eyes. Through the tunnel he could see a vast underground landscape, and a city whose domes and towers were studded with precious metals and stones . . . Hellas belongs to the Zerds and we are their slaves. For a thousand years, the people of Elekton have laboured to keep those brutes in ease and comfort ! Peric, we've got to escape. We've got to return and destroy the legend of Hellas ! This has been going on for a thousand years, and everyone who has come here has had the same idea . . . But there is no escape, Janno . . . you have made the journey of no return !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 240 on 20 August 1966.