The Duplication Machine (continued . . .)

It happened in a dark alleyway in a rough quarter of Trigan City. A figure leapt out at a passer-by, and a heavy cudgel was raised for a merciless blow. But the blow never fell ! Uuuuuh . . . Hmmmm ! What have I caught ?—a sneak-thief of the worst and most contemptible type. But he will serve my purpose. Later, the footpad recovered consciousness. Aaaaah ! Where am I ? Don't hurt me, master. I—I meant no harm, I swear it ! You meant the worst possible harm, you rascal—but I am willing to overlook it. Robi sneered. In fact, I will do better than that—I will make you the richest rogue in Trigan City— If you obey me without question ! The following morning, Robi went to Air Fleet Headquarters. As assistant to Elekton's top scientist, he carried a pass that admitted him to the air strip. Here comes Janno now. I'll speak to him when he gets out of his craft. It's a good idea to be on good terms with a member of the Imperial family.
Janno recognised the young scientist. Hello ! Robi, isn't it ? As you see, my leg is mended, and I'm back on flying duty. Very glad to see you recovered, Lord Janno. I've brought something for you. Something you probably thought you'd lost for ever . . . My signet ring ! You dropped it the day you visited the laboratory, Lord Janno. I found it when I was sweeping up this morning. Janno was profuse in his thanks. He would have been surprised to have seen what Robi held in his hand as he walked away. Everybody's happy ! The stuck-up Lord Janno has his ring back —and I have an exact duplicate of it ! That night, Trigan City suffered the first of many inexplicable thefts. Robi's henchman stole a collection of gems from the home of a millionaire. Cry out—and it will be the last sound you ever make ! AAAAH ! Take the jewels ! Take anything—but don't hurt me ! He delivered them to the darkened laboratory where Robi waited. Good ! Now wait outside till I call you. You have one more task to perform before dawn. With the aid of the strange device he had secretly perfected, the ruthless young scientist duplicated the priceless gems. Ha ! Ha !—Nothing can stop me now—nothing ! By the end of the lunar year, I shall be able to buy and sell the Trigan Empire ! There was a surprise in store for his henchman, later. You ask me to return this loot to where I stole it from !— Master, have you gone mad ? No, my friend. I have not gone mad. I have simply discovered the perfect crime !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 498 on 31 July 1971.


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