The Masked Raiders

In the fourth lunar month of the year of Yedd, the “Princess of Vorg”, largest ocean-going liner ever, was launched in Trigan City harbour by Salvia, daughter of Elekton's top scientist. I name this vessel “Princess of Vorg” ! May she voyage the oceans of this planet in safety and tranquillity. As the massive hull glided down the vast slipway, the Emperor Trigo made a gracious presentation to the girl who had performed the ceremony. Salvia, I should like you to accept this small memento of the occasion. Your Imperial Majesty is too kind. Later that year, all Trigan City turned out to see the “Princess of Vorg” gliding from the harbour on her maiden voyage. This is the Imperial News Service bringing you, live from Trigan City, this unforgettable spectacle. Passengers aboard the liner on this, her maiden voyage, include his Imperial Majesty, the Lord Janno, Peric and his daughter Salvia . . . Swiftly, the great liner spanned the ocean, past the forbidding peaks of the untrodden ice continent. Within the vast hull, safe from the killing winds, the great ballroom resounded to the music of the dance. Enjoying the voyage, Salvia ? Yes, Janno. And you ? But disaster threatened ! The liner's helmsman was the first to suffer . . .

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 506 on 25 September 1971.


The Thing from the Sea (continued . . .)

Janno's arm encircled the Thallan's throat. Dragging aside his unconscious victim, the young Trigan took his place at the controls of the destroying unit. I think I saw enough to know how to work this infernal device. Now— what is the head of the destroying unit doing at the moment ? On the screen before him Janno saw a view of the sea . . . fast moving craft . . . and the head of another destroying unit. Obviously two of these devilish things are working together ! Somewhere in the sea of Tibor, two of the destroying units were attacking a flotilla of Trigan gunboats ! Then, to the sailors' astonishment . . . Look, sir ! By all the stars ! They're attacking each other ! Before the eyes of the astounded Trigans, the destroying unit operated by Janno sliced the head from its companion !
Janno's eyes danced with triumph. So much for that. Now to destroy the other two. Retracting the long “neck” of the destroying unit, Janno brought it back to the conquest machine. On the all- seeing screen, he was able to size up the situation. With two sweeping slices, Janno severed the necks of the remaining menaces. Then, at the moment of triumph—disaster ! The operators of the other units have realised what's happening ! Do I have time to destroy the conquest machine itself ? As the first of the Thallans entered the control compartment, Keren and Roffa launched themselves forward to the attack. Krakkk-krakkk ! Streaks of searing light dashed the two gallant Trigans to unconsciousness !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 471 on 23 January 1971.


The Thing from the Sea (continued . . .)

By the light of Elekton's twin moons, the thing from the deep reduced the seaport city of Karona to ruins. At dawn, a force of Trigan fighting machines attacked the marauder, but were themselves slashed to pieces. After the devastation at Karona, nothing on the surface of the oceans was safe. Even low-flying atmosphere craft were slashed from the sky. All traffic on the high seas was forbidden, and inhabitants of coastal towns and cities evacuated. The Trigan Empire and all Elekton was in turmoil. Emperor Trigo looked to his top scientist for advice—in vain ! Peric ! You must stop this thing ! Imperial Majesty, I have not slept since this terrible thing arrived nor shall I, until I have found the answer !
One night a group of divers waded ashore on a deserted stretch of the Trigan coast. A brief order was given, in an alien tongue. You—have— your—orders ! Next day, one of these strangers joined the army. Want to join the Imperial Guards, eh ? Name and birthplace, please. Zatti is my name, sir— and I was born and raised in Tharv. Zatti did well in the Elite Guards Regiment. To all appearances a normal individual, Zatti had a strange habit. At night, he crept into the deserted regimental baths . . . From his throat he took a large device. Then, submerging himself in the baths, he slept until dawn.

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 466 on 19 December 1970.