The Masked Raiders

In the fourth lunar month of the year of Yedd, the “Princess of Vorg”, largest ocean-going liner ever, was launched in Trigan City harbour by Salvia, daughter of Elekton's top scientist. I name this vessel “Princess of Vorg” ! May she voyage the oceans of this planet in safety and tranquillity. As the massive hull glided down the vast slipway, the Emperor Trigo made a gracious presentation to the girl who had performed the ceremony. Salvia, I should like you to accept this small memento of the occasion. Your Imperial Majesty is too kind. Later that year, all Trigan City turned out to see the “Princess of Vorg” gliding from the harbour on her maiden voyage. This is the Imperial News Service bringing you, live from Trigan City, this unforgettable spectacle. Passengers aboard the liner on this, her maiden voyage, include his Imperial Majesty, the Lord Janno, Peric and his daughter Salvia . . . Swiftly, the great liner spanned the ocean, past the forbidding peaks of the untrodden ice continent. Within the vast hull, safe from the killing winds, the great ballroom resounded to the music of the dance. Enjoying the voyage, Salvia ? Yes, Janno. And you ? But disaster threatened ! The liner's helmsman was the first to suffer . . .

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 506 on 25 September 1971.


The Thing from the Sea (continued . . .)

And then—they saw— It ! By all the stars ! . . . Look ! The thing moved with deadly swiftness. It selected Janno as its first victim. Roffa ! Keren ! . . . Help ! Roffa started the engine of their sub- marine craft, and sent it speeding off. The three comrades headed for the surface, leaving their craft to be torn apart by the nightmare of the deep. That could have been us ! They were soon being helped aboard the diving ship. Did you find what you were seeking ? Yes ! We know the Daveli sank, but it could have happened is another matter ! why how
That evening, the comrades reported to the Emperor. A hole scored along the underside of the ship's hull, you say ? Yes, uncle ! From stem to stern—not a rent that could have been made by a projecting rock, but one that looked as if it had been cut by some giant mechanical tool ! Trigo turned to Peric. What could have done such a thing, Peric ? No natural phenomenon, that's for sure, and I know of no mechanical device that could have caused such damage to a speeding ship ! What do we do now ? Nothing ! We can only wait ! You mean ? . . . The damage was obviously the deliberate work of some malevolent intelligence. If it happened once —It could happen again ! The Trigan Bay Bridge was one of the supreme engineering feats of the planet. It stretched as far as the eye could see, from headland to headland. Three days after the sinking of the “Daveli” —It happened ! Aaaaaaaaagh !— The bridge is collapsing ! The second disaster !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 463 on 28 November 1970.