The Wish-Fulfiller (continued . . .)

In the control compartment of an underwater fighting- boat of the Tharv Navy, the atmosphere was tense. Computer ready ! Target within range ! Fire projectiles ! Deadly shapes sped to their goal. The “Emperor Trigo”, flagship of the Trigan Fleet, was hit—and sank almost immediately. Tharv was a vassal state of the sprawling Trigan Empire. News of the sinking was greeted with wild joy by the populace of the Tharv capital. Down with the Trigans ! Who needs those good- for-nothings ? Freedom for Tharv ! At dawn the next day, Tharv armoured spearheads were moving towards Trigan City, and the cry was on every lip . . . We’ll throw off the chains of that ramshackle empire !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 543 on 10 June 1972.


The Duplication Machine (continued . . .)

Janno's craft plummeted into the sea. A comrade circled over the wreckage for some time—but . . . I regret to report that Lord Janno has departed to join his ancestors ! That night, at a lonely spot off the coast of Trigan . . . Is that you ?— Do you have the prisoner ? Yes !— I have him ! The duplicate Janno was dragged aboard the Caton undersea warship. Well—now do you believe me ? Is this not indeed Lord Janno the Emperor's nephew ? By all the stars, so it is ! Then give me my money and let me depart, Admiral ! Ten thousand Trigan pieces, as agreed ! You will be paid for your treachery, fellow—but my orders are to take you back to Cato ! A cold finger of terror traced its course down Robi's spine. I'm done for ! As soon as the Catons announce that they have Janno, the Trigans will issue a statement that it is a lie ! AAAAAH ! Then the Catons will torture the truth out of me !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 503 on 4 September 1971.


The Thing from the Sea (continued . . .)

News of the disaster was flashed round the Trigan Empire. Trigo and his staff were among the first to inspect the tangled wreckage in the centre of the great bridge. The scientist Peric commented grimly . . . See that massive pillar, Imperial Majesty ? It is severed as cleanly as if it had been sliced by a giant sword. You think ? I think that the same malevolent intelligence that sank the “Daveli” was also responsible for this ! Later. I have come to the conclusion that the instrument of destruction was sea-borne—probably carried in some underwater craft. Find an alien underwater craft armed with a weapon that can cut metal like wax, and you have the answer. Trigo issued his orders. From now until further notice, constant air and underwater patrols will be carried out around the Trigan coastline. Alert the fleets. No man rests till this menace is found—and destroyed. That evening, undersea fighting ships of the Trigan navy began to comb the depths. At dawn, Janno and his crew joined the low-flying patrols off the coast.
Suddenly, Roffa gave the alarm. An object has just risen out of the sea—dead ahead. Janno sighted the shape in the water. Stand by to fire projectiles ! And then . . . Ready to fire. No !— Hold it. —It's one of ours. Before their horrified eyes, the two cleanly severed ends of a Trigan undersea fighting ship hovered on the brink of their final plunge. Janno brought his craft round in a tight turn, and splashed down. Moments later, they were picking up survivors. What happened ? We saw it coming at us . . . There was no escape. And then . . . Aaaaaagh ! There it is again. By all the stars.

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 464 on 5 December 1970.